About Us

As a baseball player, I wanted to be able to share the excitement and fulfillment I experience with others. Baseball is not just a game — it’s a way of life that includes sportsmanship, team work, healthy competition, physical and mental fitness, ethics and plenty of fun. So, following my time playing ball for the Longhorns, I decided to share my skills and my love of the game with young people.

I felt that best way to accomplish this was to bring together the best coaches in the Austin area for the common purpose of sharing the joy of baseball with kids of every age. This is how Austin Ball Players was born. It is my hope to share the spirit of America’s favorite game with as many young people as we can reach and in doing so, change their lives for the better.

For anyone that wants to be a better, happier, healthier person, whether they want to play in the big leagues or just have some fun, it’s always a good day to play ball.


“It’s a good day to play baseball.”