Jordan Etier

Jordan Etier is a lifetime Longhorns leader. He has a hunger for winning which is reflected in his positive energy and winning attitude. Through his company Austin ball Players, Coach Etier is not only providing kids with the skills they will need to play baseball, but more importantly he’s sharing his secrets to having a winning attitude. Jordan has earned three Big 12 Championships, two College World Series appearances, and a United League Championship and is now putting these talents to work through the Austin Ball Players.

He obtained a bachelor of science degree in applied learning and development from the University of Texas where, in addition to being qualified on the field, he also attended the 2008 & Spring 2009 Big 12 Commissioner Honor Roll. Jordan has acquired his specialized skills from the University of Texas specific to educating ball players of all ages. He also taught several UT baseball camps during his undergraduate career, providing him with invaluable experience through a renowned program.

Jordan begins his coaching with a solid foundation designed to help kids learn and fine-tune their fundamentals. Jordan and his coaches share the skills that will help the kids retain the many skills learned in practice and turn them into muscle memory when it’s game time.

Jordan Etier's expertise provides the best training available and demonstrates the importance and value of a solid work ethic as well as a passion for the game. Quitters never win, and winners never quit.

Jordan Etier

founder/player development